Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/4/10

  • "Basketball" I can't remember an NBA season over the past decade that I've been more excited for. No shortage of could-be's: Kevin Durant's continued silent takeover of the league, Boston trying to be the oldest squad to win a title not in a YMCA league, the Bulls and Knicks dealing with increased expectations, LA going for a 3-peat. And then there's Miami. The schedule leaked yesterday and there's some serious must-see TV on there. Oct. 27th we got the Bulls and Thunder, the two best young teams in the league. And then Christmas is just completely hijacked. Santa, Jesus, and wives everywhere just need to chalk this day up as a loss. Bulls vs. Knicks and Heat vs. Lakers.
  • "Power"

    Kanye's latest video drops (on MTV surprisingly) tonight at 10 pm CST. That's 5 pm Hawaii time. Here's a preview. Props FSD.
  • "Fuckery"

    The justice system is a regular fuckery contributor. They stepped it up with this one, though. Long story short: Anthony Graber got pulled over for speeding on his bike by a cop in an unmarked car. Graber had a helmet cam on for some reason, and it should've helped him in the situation. Instead, it hurt. The plainclothes cop - who cut Graber off and pulled a strap out before identifying himself - would get called excessive even by CPD. Instead of an apology and possibly some leniency for speeding, Graber faces 16 years for filming the encounter and posting it on YouTube (seen above). The prosecutions argument? Anthony violated wiretapping laws by taping the officer. Cue M-1 and stic.

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