Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/30/10

  • "Bread" Everybody has seen some nasty-ass bread. The purple or green tie-dye mold on the bottom pieces, the silvery stuff that's fluffier than the actual bread that used to be there. But how about a mouse? An entire mouse baked into your bread a la raisins or bananas. Stephen Forse from the UK found one in the loaf he had just made his kids a sandwich with. Damn. Via BBC.
  • "Twitter" People who do things like keep an updated Twitter - and blog - usually think they are funnier than they really are. They also forgo political correctness common sense b/c there's nobody to tell you about how much of a dickhead you sound like until after you've published (right guys?). Example: Oklahoma football wide bench-receiver Jaz Reynolds, who tweeted “Hey everyone in Austin, tx…….kill yourself #evillaugh,” yesterday right after the shooter at U of Texas ended himself. Nice. Props TBL.
  • "Fuckery" This is a relatively serious fuckery installment, so I'll keep it simple. Vince McMahon's wife, who took home $46 million last year, is running for Senate in Connecticut on the GOP ticket. She essentially said minimum wage should be lower or eliminated at, only much less intelligently. Then, when being interviewed, admitted she didn't "know what the current minimum wage is or if any of her employees at World Wrestling Entertainment are paid it." Go politics. Via HuffPost.
  • "McDonald's" I had McDonald's back yesterday. And I suppose that, for as long as I can get 2 McChickens for less than train fare, I will remain a fan. I gotta give them some hate today though. It's a simplistic complaint, but I don't want to hear Micky D's groaning about not being able to afford hourly worker health plans. It's McDonald's, they have them on every inch of the globe. You mean to tell me they can't take a couple hundred mil to make sure their serfs are healthy? Via Trib.

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miss *kris said...


that is the most disgusting and disturbing picture ever. i am getting the chills just remembering it. YUGH! i do NOT thank you at all for sharing. LOL. now i have to get the image of this embreaded mouse out of my head.