Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/7/10

  • "Andre Benjamin" I've been listening to rap since 1997. Sure it was a radio dub tape, but what 8 year olds nowadays even listen to the radio? I've heard people talk about why they don't like 'Pac, how Biggie is overrated, how Nas can't pick beats, how Jay-Z bites lines, how Eminem sounds like a West German, etc. I have never EVER heard anybody say anything bad about Outkast. Hands down the greatest group in the history of rap. Only the Wu-Tang Clan comes close; and Big Boi and 3000 put out more classics than the Wu ever did major albums. Via 2DBz, here's a pretty lengthy Three Stacks history lesson. Click to DL.
  • "Driving" The problem with living in a state that's $13 billion in the hole: shiesty revenue-increasing ploys like upping speeding fines. Not like 5 bucks either. They're upping the penalties for all speeding at least $30.
  • "Reggie Bush" Them gon take his Heisman. I could really care less - dude was a beast at USC and they can't ever erase that fact. It's a bitch move to just take away a guy's award 5 years after the fact. I don't see any USC coaches or athletic department administrators getting punished.
  • "Eli Porter" The god of the Iron Mic has hit the big time. Sure he probably just recorded a verse over a Lil' Jon track, but it's Eli Porter. Plus the artwork >>>>. Via 2DBz.

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miss *kris said...

man, the speeding fine increase sucks! and i was just about to bring my car out to chicago winter quarter... ughh!