Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/9/10

  • "Television"

    I only really watch sports, The Boondocks, The First 48, and The Real World. Most of the other stuff just sucks. I may start watching The Amazing Race though, if they keep this up. How is this chick's face not just completely Sam Cassell after that?? Have you ever picked up a watermelon?
  • "Race" OkCupid, another online dating service I've never heard of and definitely in no way even remotely have ever thought of somewhat considering creating a profile and listing myself as 6'2" on, did a hilarious study of their members. They were trying to figure out "what white, black, Latino, and Asian people like", and the results were gold. I have no idea what white people really like - I usually just attribute it to "whatever black people don't like", except for rap - but now I've seen the light. Tom Clancy, building things, and baths. Black people? There was the de facto "soul food" and "Gucci Mane" answers, but let's hear it for...."The Color Purple".......never mind.
  • "Dunks"

    Via TBL, but shouts to Chris' D1 ass for showing me this last night. Vince Carter at #14 is just silly.
  • "Rumors" This is probably complete BS, but I'll drive Joakim Noah to O'Hare myself if need be. It's Carmelo Anthony.
  • "Fuckery"

    I've never come close to catching a home run ball. But, if was in this guy's shoes, all alone with no competition, I'd probably just finish off my High Life and then scoop the ball on the way to the recycling bin beer man.

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DSD said...

Damn, I was gonna post that OKCupid stuff.

That site is so interesting. The people that own it treat the members like experiments. Its like the ultimate set of data points.