Monday, November 22, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/22/10

  • "Scams" I got a ticket about 6 weeks ago for passing somebody in front of the Jewel on Chicago Avenue. I tried the "Chip excuse" from Dave Chappelle's Killing 'Em Softly, but the copper still took my license. So, today I went Skokie Courthouse to right the wrongs of the world. I stood in front of the judge and said "not guilty" like OJ said it back in '94. Sat back down, and a public defendant told me I shouldn't have done that. They had video of me. I called her bluff, she showed me the footage. Damn. I took the guilty plea and left outta there with court supervision till March and $160 broker.
  • "Music" I'm still catching up, but it is an amazing week for music. Friday Night Lights dropped and is better than almost every album I've heard this year. Then, of course, Kanye dropped officially today (full stream here). Throw some J.E.T.S. music in there too and you know what's in my headphones.
  • "Blake Griffin"

    Jockbay used to play with him all the time last year on PS3. I called cheating. Evidence above.
  • "Bullets" Bullets kill people. Instead of all that death and destruction, we should use them to get sloppy instead. Cop this bottle opener from the super dope people at Yeah, it's $35, but you're ballin right? Via Cool Material.

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