Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/14/10

  • "Paula Deen" Adeze and I had a little back-and-forth today about whether Ina Garten or Paula Deen had the better kitchen game - further proving how awesome vacations from school are. I came in repping Ina because, well, look at her. She looks like your neighbor who still bakes cookies and brownies for kids on Halloween even though it's frowned upon like a leper at the Botox clinic...and everybody still eats them anyways. Ina can take French shit like baba au rhum and make me actually want to eat it. Adeze was in Paula Deen's corner. I warned her that Paula was not only creepy and annoying, but likely a Terminator disguised as a Southern white woman sent from the future to give everybody Type 2 Diabetes. I lost the debate, though. Paula Deen made a Luther Burger on national TV. Trump card.
  • "Fuckery"

    If you play(ed) organized basketball, you understand me fully when I say that a player trying to fight a ref during the game is unbelievable. I honestly can't imagine being on the court and seeing somebody just toss the ref like it's UFC. Hit the 1:20 mark for the festivities. Bonus points for the old guy in the baseball cap at the end shaking his head like "Boy, I'm glad my kids go to prep school." Via TBL.
  • "YP" Not really a well-known guy outside The Go, rapper YP released his No Sleep mixtape today. Sponsored by DJ RTC, the tape features all original verses and production. So download it. Best track: "Something New". Via Andrew.
  • "Statistics" For the first time since 1981, kids are smoking more weed than cigarettes. This should be cause for minor celebration, but the study was done by The National Institute on Drug Abuse. Damn. On top of that, the Drug Czar and presumably a bunch of other professional politicians blamed the rise in marijuana use on medical weed: "Calling marijuana smoked medicine is absolutely incorrect." But smoking rat poison-laced tobacco is fine, ever? The President smokes cigs and he deservedly gets shit for it. Bill Clinton admitted to twisting up and became a legend. Here's a plan: In 20 years, when all of us reading this are wealthy and influential, let's start a marijuana lobby. A few hundred million dollars, and the government will listen. Via Trib.
  • "Grades" I got a B+ and two B-'s this past quarter. Never been happier with results like that.


miss *kris said...

wow that ref got TREATED! (hm... haven't used that word in a while, lol.)

too bad for him, but i got a good laugh out of it. bahaha!


B said...

LMFAO paula deen is crazy...i love me some ina though. she can throw down. almost as hard as the ref did...