Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/2/10

  • "Marketing" If you study the hipster species like I do, no doubt you're familiar with fixed gear bikes. "Fixies", for those of you who only wear flannel, listen to Major Lazer and drink White Russians. I despise fixed gears. Not out of any misplaced self-consciousness because I ride a bike that looks like it was stolen from a 7th grader either. Bikes should have brakes. They're vehicles. It's not hip to take the brakes off a bike, it's retarded. I can stomach this all-fixie calendar from The FiXFiXFiX, though. I don't know why. Via Cool Material.
  • "Fuckery" Fellas, how would you react if you were balls deep and your partner in the pushin' picked up her phone and took a call? Would you hit the turbo button and try to make it painfully/pleasurably obvious to the person on the other line that their friend is full of more pipe than Super Mario World? Or would you recoil in shame and rely on Rosa Acosta to end your quest like she always the same pose...? Or, would you kill that incredibly rude smut? If you opted for the third choice, you're the sick bastard formerly known as Garron Lewis. Via TBL.
  • "The Grammys" Nobody actually gives a shit about the Grammys. We all know they are just marketing tools artists can put on their next album so it'll sell some - "Coming soon, the latest album by 4-time Grammy winner....Akon!" Nevertheless, it's incredible just how slavishly devoted to the same artists. I enjoy Eminem. More so before Encore, but I still respect the talent. Recovery was not 10-Grammy good though. I don't care what anybody says. Unless Recovery is some new slang for Thriller, I'm lost. That isn't even the worst of it. Swizz Beatz is up for awards.
  • "Katt Williams" I've been griping for like a year about how Katt needed to come back and show Kevin Hart who the funniest guy on the 5'5" and under circuit really is. Lo and behold, dude put another standup out - 9 Lives - a month ago. Buy it here, or get creative and find it for free.

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miss *kris said...

oh! KTD is pretty dope.

looking forward to when the Hard Times EP drops
...hopefully i'll be home by then!

thx for sharing.


-the krissi kronicles-