Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/13/11

  • "Buzz"

    Some of you may be asking why this isn't titled 'Fuckery'. Others, why it isn't titled 'Genius'. I'm gonna try to be fair for a change with this one. I can count the number of times I've met Chet Hanks on two fingers, so I can't call him a jerk, fag, lame or anything else the blogosphere has labeled him over the last 24 hrs. I can never hate on somebody for going after a dream of theirs either; it's hard to argue with 100,000 views in a day. "White and Purple" is just too late. Wiz's original blew up in November, and Mo Greene put out an NU anthem with the exact same name over two months ago. I'm not a big fan of Chet's record, but I won't eviscerate him like David from The Smoking Section did. Mostly b/c I couldn't write something as hilariously cruel. All I'll leave you all with is this: I wish everybody had the opportunities that Tom Hanks money can afford.
  • "Sleep" Running on very little right now. Knocked out at about 4 am after a SafeRide shift and finishing up an assignment. Woke up at like 9 am to repeated hammering by somebody in my building. It went on until 11:30. I'm convinced that Noah was building his ark downstairs or something, because nobody hammers for three hours. I really wanted to just end it all. His life, not mine. Now it's night class and another full work shift tonight.
  • "Freddie Gibbs" Gangsta Gibbs is doing a set at Metro tomorrow night at 9 pm. Only $15 to see Indiana's all-time greatest, how can you not go? Odds are the concert will be going green too. If you don't know who Freddie Gibbs is, kill yourself. Or click here.
  • "Zodiac Signs" Eryn just told me that the zodiac sign calendar is different now. Who the hell has the authority to change zodiac signs? Who gets to make that call? I'm still a Virgo - whatever that means - but some people's signs had to have changed. Sucks for you. Gonna have to change your personality and break up with your mate and all that.
  • "Fuckery" Westboro Baptist Church. The one whose members stand at funerals with the inbred babies and the "Thanks God For 9/11" posters. LIFE did a photo spread on them and it's hilarious. There's a man coddling an infant next to a "God Hates Fags" sign! Unintentionally, but those are some of the best laughs.

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