Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/18/11

  • "Sriracha" It needs to be in your kitchen. I think the one thing I miss about dining halls is the fact that the almighty Rooster Sauce was always on deck. You can and should put it on everything: pizza, eggs, meat, sandwiches. For only a sawbuck, I might have to add to the cookbook collection. Via Cool Material.
  • "Blake Griffin" Dude put up 47 points on only 24 shots last night. The customary 14 boards too. I'm a little squeamish when I see his mug next to Mike's and David Robinson's on ESPN, but when it comes to rookie years you have to have the conversation. Mike averaged 28 a game as a rookie. Conversation over. But in terms of on-court dominance, there's a discussion to be had. Mike could have the ball on every possession - he was bringing it up. Blake Griffin is getting his buckets off rebounds, oops, and the occasional post move. I'd compare him to the rookie Shaq, but he may be more skilled. Gotta be an All-Star. Arguably a starter.
  • "Police Work"

    This is video more intense than violent, but be warned: you are in fact watching a man being killed. Utah police raided the home of the Blair family looking for the 45-year-old son, Todd, who they believed was selling drugs. They found Todd holding a golf club a la Elin Nordegren and, as you can see, treated him like a Call of Duty zombie. Three shots, zero questions. All they found was a little weed and an empty vial of meth. Police have a tough, tough job. I'll give them that. But so do waiters, and if your order at P.F. Chang's gets fucked up you get mad, right? Right. First off, what kind of drug dealer is 45 years old and lives with his parents? This obviously isn't the damn Nino Brown of Salt Lake City, why are you even serving a warrant for this dude? Let alone running up in his parents' crib? Also, as you can plainly see, Todd greets the SWAT team with a 3 wood. Again, clearly drug addict behavior and not drug dealer behavior. Drug dealers see SWAT and either chalk it up as a loss or run. Drug addicts go to the closet and grab golf clubs. Did I mention that the meth vial was empty? This situation is so fucked. This guy got killed over a dub sack and some speed. Didn't hurt anybody but himself and his parent's couch, and we sent the A-Team to handle him. Priorities. Via Huff Post.
  • "Free Music" This 2-part tape came out over the holiday weekend. 9th Wonder x a bunch of your favorite MCs. Click the pic for the download.

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towelie video is hella funny