Monday, January 24, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/24/11

  • "Cutler" I feel bad for the guy. I really do. Everybody and their mom's mom was calling him soft. 'Everybody' even includes me, this time. I blame the Bears' medical staff, though. If they knew he had an MCL sprain during the game, you've got to make it public. You can't say "banged up". People don't get "banged up" in NFC Championships; you play or you get carted off. I apologize to Jay for saying that he injured his vagina. That was mean. I've never sprained an MCL, so I don't know how painful it'd be to play on it. I do know that Jay Cutler on one knee is better than Todd Collins playing on Po' Lil' Tink Tink legs with an extra offensive lineman.
  • "Gibbs"

    Can never have too much Freddie on this site. Here's a little peek at his tour stop in Indy. Shouts to Jockbay; check out what you missed. Via FSD.
  • "Fuckery" Not guilty?? For real fam? This is precisely why lawyers get labeled scumbags and why our legal system is so wasteful. If this dude skates on that mental illness shit I'm going off. I could prosecute this case. Being crazy isn't an excuse for shooting 20+ people. I don't care if it's Special Ed pulling the trigger, you've got to lock his ass up for life at Supermax with his boxers turned around so the slit is in the back.
  • "Kanye" Made a lot of exclamations on Twitter over the weekend. I got 2 outta these 3 promises coming true.
  • "Success"

    Had a little talk with Kellyn over the weekend about Wiz Khalifa's blowing up. We both agreed that stuff like "Big Screen" isn't really what made us fans of Khalifa man, but I can't hate on the man for his success. Dude did "Black and Yellow" live at the AFC Championship game. That's a long way from Star Power. Props 2DBz.

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