Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/31/11

  • "Winter" It's about time. This winter has been pretty tame; temperatures and snowfall haven't been brutal. Until tomorrow at least. Mother Nature has decided to get it crackin in the Middle West and up to 18 inches could fall in Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana, "especially near the lake". That sounds an awful lot like where I lay my head every night. The National Weather Service is calling the storm "potentially life-threatening" because of the whiteout conditions. While they're at it, I got some warnings. Be careful eating at BK tonight, because the Jalapeno Stuffed Steak Burger is potentially life-threatening. And look both ways before crossing the street. Traffic will be potentially life-threatening today too.
  • "Ronnie Brewer"

    Note the use of two hands. Much love to Stacey King. If I was a color(ed) commentator I'd revert to playground-mode too if I saw somebody get yammed on like that.
  • "Android" Smartphone platforms are like religions to me. The same way you'll never stroll into a Sunday School session and get people to admit that they'd much rather be at the mosque down the street (and vice-versa), you'll be hard pressed to get an Apple fiend to fess up to Android's superiority. The only way to win the war is with more numbers, and Android has 'em now. It's the most popular smartphone platform. I wouldn't care, but I converted to Android a couple months ago and I forget what life was like before that. Via Trib.
  • "Kool Herc" He's called the "father of hip-hop", and it's not unwarranted. This is the man who invented - or at the very least popularized - the "break". If you don't know what the "break" on a record is, look it up right now. It's like the engine of a car. DJ Kool Herc is really, really sick and without health insurance (God Bless America). There's a donation fund set up to help get Herc the care he needs deserves. I obviously don't expect you all to shell out for this, but at least be aware. The beautiful thing about rap music/hip-hop culture is that its originators are still alive. They gave us - at least me - something that finds it way into everything we do, say, think, and feel. Giving back shouldn't be a question of 'if', but rather "how much".

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