Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/5/11

  • "Phi Nu Pi" It's a celebration. All day. I'm still trying to get somebody to last-minute cover my SafeRide shift tonight, but I'll be in high spirits regardless. 100 years of KAPsi. YO to the NUPEs and the next century of honorable achievement.
  • "Everything Based"

    Based God is about to blow up in 2011. He's an unstoppable force. I first saw this MTV journey to the based capital of the world (Lil B's mind) on Kira's Tumblr but didn't look at it until today. *Deceased* at the end of the clip.
  • "Alcohol"Makes for great art under a microscope apparently. Came across this company called Bev Shots. They take hi-res photos of various drinks, blow 'em up, frame 'em and ship 'em out to the people for like $225. The Australian Pale Lager above is dope. Props Cool Material.
  • "Fuckery"

    This is really a sad, sad story. A 10-year-old kid from Ohio shot and killed his mom because he had chores to do. Okay, there's my empathy sentence. Time to get to the good stuff. First of all, re-read that sentence. This kid got told to clean his shit up, but he fed his mom some shells instead. Damn. Whose fault is that, though? Yeah the kid pulled the trigger (and pulled it again), but shorty is 10! From where I come from, fear is something you're supposed to instill in kids right after love. Maybe at the same time. She never made it clear to little man that she would fuck him up. I don't get that either, because, well, look at these white people. The older son says they're country, I just say they're poor. If little man was scared of her, he wouldn't ever have gone Black Ops. Also, the gun wasn't the family weapon he just knew where to find. Cops searched the kid's room and - right beside the Buzz Lightyear action figure - found six straps, including a 12-gauge shotgun. Didn't know they had child soldiers in Ohio. Via HuffPost.

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