Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/2/11 (Snow Day Edition)

  • "Snow" Last night was some pretty crazy-ass weather. 20 inches of snow is a lot, but it snows more in a lot of other places. The thunder and lightning and shit was pretty freaky, but just because it's winter. The wind, though. The wind was the wild part. Waiting on the shuttle last night at Ridge and Davis, I could only see about 50 feet in front of me. Just enough to catch a guy bust his ass and then lie in the snow for an extra 10 seconds trying to play it off. Shouts to everybody talking down about my county too. It's a lot easier to say that the storm was weak while watching Sportscenter reruns in your sweats than it is while walking to Francis Searle. I'd take another two feet of snow instead of the freezing cold that's coming tomorrow.
  • "Subtlety" The $20 price tag takes me out of the discussion for these KAWS lightbulbs. They are still pretty cool, though. Via Cool Material.
  • "Your Block" For some of us, a geographical database isn't really all that necessary to realize that our neighborhoods are segregated. For others, you gotta show 'em the proof. Some organization named Remapping Debate handled that. Thoroughly. Click the pic to check out an almost block-by-block racial breakdown of where you stay at.
  • "Spitta"

    New Curren$y visuals from Creative Control. Congrats are in order too I guess, since dude just signed to Warner Bros. I'm assuming he has a pretty decent arrangement with them if he inked a contract. Didn't really need to.
  • "Education"

    I wish I had a teacher jap out in class like this. Just once.

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