Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/28/11

  • "Open Mike"

    I've watched this 15 times since Kira posted it last night. Next time you catch me I'll be rockin with that "She Not My Ladaay" ringtone.
  • "Charlie Sheen"

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    Dude turned in possibly the greatest daytime interview ever. He got on the Today Show this morning and went off, talking about how he needs $3 million an episode to keep doing 2 And A Half Men. The best part of the 12-minute interview? Sheen quoting the "great Allen Iverson's" philosophy on practice. Fame is dangerous. So is cocaine. Props TBL.
  • "Tools" If I had the money to keep a bar stocked with more than just a half-empty half-full bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label, I'd definitely have a cocktail shaker. If you have a bar, you have to have a shaker. No excuses. I'd opt for this spray paint can one if the gaudy label is removable. Via Cool Material.
  • "Freddie Gibbs"

    Gibbs + live music courtesy of The Park = must-see material. Props FSD.


BreukelensFinest said...

that video of mikey had me rollin! but those pictures from detriot made me feel sad as fuck. what a roller coaster winston

DSD said...

Lmao, this entire post had me rollin.
And this isn't the first thing to show how shittastic Detroit is now. There's a photographer that did this gallery called "The Ruins of Detroit" and actually took pictures like he was an archaeologist or something like 2-3 years ago. I can only imagine its worse now.

And I need to start making beats for Mikey, hahaha.

Dallas Wright said...

haha sorry Nissi. tried to find a way to make extreme poverty funny but no luck.

@Chuka lmao Lil Jon and Pitbull 2.0

miss *kris said...

LOL @ mikey. too funny! "open mike" sums it all up pretty well. haha.