Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/3/11

  • "Blake"

    I told Kyle Korver not to jump. Sure there are no witnesses to corroborate that, but as soon as Randy Foye caught that ball at half court I screamed at the TV. Don't jump. He did though. Turned himself into a poster, Sportcenter Top 10 highlight, trending topic. All that good stuff. Bulls still got the win, so I'm happy. In my completely biased opinion, I don't know how you can watch Derrick Rose play and not say he's the best PG on Earth.
  • "Boots" I had to walk from my house to class today b/c I missed the shuttle. It takes innate smoothness to walk on a foot and a half of snow and still be fresh. It also requires boots. I saw a guy bust his ass - dropping his phone in slush - across the street from Five Guys. On his feet, boat shoes. Get you some boots, joe. And some common sense.
  • "Blaxploitation Films" I tried to have a productive snow day yesterday. I read about 80 pages and studied a little bit for the Argumentation test I thought I had tomorrow. Then, it all went downhill. Actually it was uphill. It was a great night. After a small side of greens, I turned on Dolemite and observed a legendary player. The entire movie is a quotable. If you haven't seen it, watch it now. It's Black History Month.
  • "GLC" Barber just let this unreleased GLC x Twista track loose and it's a monster. Pretty famous sample, but it bumps. Click the pic. Props FSD.
  • "Tinley Park" Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the Lane Bryant massacre. In case you weren't in the area back then, here's a refresher: early in the morning, five women were murdered execution-style inside the Tinley Park store; one survivor was found with a graze wound. Authorities have no leads, and have yet to charge anyone. The graze wound lady needs to get First 48ed - interrogated, not murdered - b/c her circumstances don't add up to me. Never have. I'm not a criminologist, nor am I claiming to have a similar thought process to a killer, but...I'm sayin though. If I have the time to bind and calmly execute five people, what's a sixth? Execution-style is a euphemism for a point-blank headshot. I don't see somebody grazing a head from point-blank range. Even if you do, don't you just reload and finish the job? Maybe he used a revolver and only came with six bullets. The murders were a tragedy and will remain so, especially b/c somebody, somewhere knows that things didn't really happen like the police report says they did. The police sketch is a farce, the witness statement is half-truth at best. I just don't understand how an obese black man can kill five women in a white suburban strip mall in broad daylight and be seen by nobody but the lady he decided to let live. No cameras, no other customers, nothing.

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