Monday, March 14, 2011

Casey The Punisher

Starting my 4-day library binge today. As you can see by the fact that I'm posting, it's not going too well. I know some of you all are suffering right now; probably slept in 3 South using a microeconomics book as a pillow. So take the inspiring story of Casey the Punisher to cheer you up.

Back in my day, bullies were usually bigger than their victims. Casey the Punisher may have won the battle against his enemy (Joe Pesci, I'll call him), but he lost the war. He got suspended for that awesome suplex. What an ass-backwards world we live in. Free Casey.


Anonymous said...

i think the school should be ashamed of themselves SERIOUSLY suspending Casey. All he did was defend himself against bullies. Wonder how many kids were suspended for bullying him???? I bet none, this sort of thing should just not happen at all. Teachers are too busy at breaks having a coffee rather than watching children at school at all ages. At the end of the day this sort of thing should just not happen and all principles and teachers are responsible for ruining childrens lives. We put them into school to learn and expect protection. All we hear is ugh suspend them they were fighting. If they really honestly looked into it, Casey should not of been suspended in fact it would of deterred future bullying at the school.Imagine think about it, kids bullying other children, maybe get beat up by the kid there bullying and facing suspension, NOW THATS A DETERENT ISNT IT!!!

i hate hypocrites said...

your an idiot to blame teachers, because i bet you don't work during your lunch breaks. and letting the victims punish the bullies is hypocritical. douchebag