Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/1/11

  • "Fuckery"

    I like white people. Not especially, just because they are people too. I'm no MLK though. There are some people - who happen to be white - that I'd sit back and watch while somebody beats the hell out of 'em. Kramer from Seinfeld, Glenn Beck, avowed Klansmen. You get the point. This is where Seattle reporter Shomari Stone and I differ apparently. As you can see, Stone's standup was rudely interrupted by a couple of brothers putting a beatdown on two skinheads for trying to rob them. I'm not just calling them skinheads b/c they don't have hair, either. They had swastika tattoos. Shomari, listen to me bro. I get that you were on camera and want to seem unbiased. But they're skinheads man. The two victims had it handled. Look at the guy on the right! He was getting his Green Street Hooligans on until you came and mucked it up. Shomari may be a Good Samaritan in the Aryan Nation, but he's getting the screw face from Black America. Via MTO.
  • "Nike SB" March releases. The olive Blazers go stupid. Props Hypebeast.
  • "Miami" I never want to go there. Miami has nice weather and beautiful women, yes. But a lot of places have those things. *cough Austin, Texas cough* That ain't enough to convince me to put up with men who wear sunglasses inside and Ugg boots. Nor is it enough to convince me to visit a place where those individuals are allowed to buy courtside seats. Via TBL.


DSD said...

My jaw is on the ground. This nigga saved some skinheads? They prolly would have beat his ass too if he wasn't on camera.

DSD said...

In fact. I'd go as far as to say that even if he wasn't a skinhead, and he wasn't getting robbed, and he was of any ethicity I would have still sat my ass the fuck down.

miss *kris said...

All I can say about the Shomari Stone video is WOW... just WOW.

But those blazers are niceee, though.

& LOL @ my man in the ugg boots. He gets mad cool points in my book. Hahaha.

Dallas Wright said...

@Chuka haha yea man i've tried to find some good in what dude did. Nothing. "Hey! Hey, dude you're gonna hurt him!"

Kristin, Ugg boots on a man are never acceptable.

DSD said...

"No, stop! You're gonna h-"