Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/2/11

  • "Fuckery" I don't know why this isn't bigger news, why people aren't celebrating in the streets of Jerusalem. One of the biggest cold cases of all-time has apparently been solved by the Pope. In his latest book, Benedict addresses the millenia-old question of who killed Jesus. His answer? "Not the Jews." You may be disgusted that I'm making light of such a weighty religious issue- you also are probably Catholic - but try reading some of this coverage with a straight face. From the Chicago Tribune: the Pope "repudiated the concept of collective guilt that has haunted Christian-Jewish relations for centuries." Word? So anti-Semitism is over now? While Benedict is at it, he should just ask Jesus personally who did the killing. You know, since Jesus technically is the guy who gave the Pope his job.
  • "Carson Daly"

    Many propers go out to Carson Daly for giving Gibbs and that Amber Rose-lite backup singer the stage last week. Best thing he's done since Chappelle's Show. Via 2DBz.
  • "Goddesses" That's how Charlie Sheen refers to the two girlfriends he lives with. How can you not like this guy? He was on Howard Stern Radio and he very easily could've called them smuts, dick receptacles, or worse. He called them goddesses. So what if they sleep in separate beds in the same room. Or that he chooses which one he'll sleep with on a nightly basis. He's rich and famous; so much so that there are women willing to live with him on these terms. If every man on Earth had that opportunity, 90% of them would take advantage. 40% would tell people about it on worldwide radio. Let that man live his batshit crazy life. Y'all live yours. Props HuffPost.
  • "Big K.R.I.T."

    Big K.R.I.T. - Dreamin

    I get asked who my favorite rapper of the day is pretty often. It's been Freddie Gibbs by unanimous decision. Every time. I'll admit that K.R.I.T. is a very close runner-up. I've been listening to this song nonstop since I first saw it over the weekend. Returnof4eva drops at the end of the month and it's my pick for project of the year. Sorry Cole.
  • "Street Justice" If you hate a shitty parking job, say "I". Alright, everybody who didn't say anything, you're probably too busy reading this on your iPhone while you straddle two spots in the parking lot at Jewel-Osco. Bad parking should be a ticketable offense. It isn't difficult to park a car, it just takes the time and consideration to do so. When I see somebody parallel parked smack dab in the middle of two spots on the street, I automatically judge them. Call me out on it if you want, but if you won't take 30 seconds to park right, then you probably won't take the time to do things like recycle or raise your kids right. I'm going to order these citizen parking tickets. One shitty parking job saved is another parking space created. Props Cool Material.

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