Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/23/11

  • "Happiness" I realize it's only the regular season, but I can't rein in my excitement. I was brought into the world a Bulls fan. I have a Mike jersey that Verne Troyer couldn't fit. They haven't been this good since I was in 2nd grade. Since then, I've just been an irrational fan; I pick them to win the Finals every year, even when Ben Gordon was their only scoring option and Eddy Curry was sitting on the bench looking like Eeyore. Now, though, now they're just crushing people. The best defense in the league, a top-3 bench, the coach of the year, plus the best point guard in the world. So long as they don't muck up contract negotiations or let Thibodeau go, the Bulls will be nice for a while. I look forward to the next decade of haters.
  • "Restraint"

    This video was on the HuffPost. Half a decade of riding the Red Line and I've never really been in the position this dude was in because, well who would ever dare trying somebody like me? He handled the situation as well as you possibly could. 90% of train riders I know woulda given "Bloody Loco" an Anderson Silva elbow to the temple and switched cars.
  • "Info" I enjoy both from time to time, but I know beyond a shade of a doubt that alcohol is more dangerous than weed. And I didn't need a fancy infographic to tell me either; just a few lives in my family ruined by alcoholism. If you require facts and figures, check this out. Via TSS.
  • "Texas" It's looking more and more like - despite warm weather and these - Texas is going to be a serious adjustment for me. Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant got kicked out of a mall in Dallas for sagging his pants. Authorities said Dez is a repeat offender at the shopping center. Prior offenses: “a major disturbance at a restaurant, a parking offense and cutting in line at the Apple Store." That's one Saturday afternoon for some people I know. I'll be sagging my pants until I run into Fleece Johnson (who's out of jail, just a heads up), so damn Texas. Props TBL.
  • "Talent"

    Don't tell me there isn't some skill involved here. If you've ever played beer pong, you've tried some crazy-ass shots. Who knows how many hours this kid wasted attempting all of this stuff, but the Internet is a better place b/c of it. Can't hate on him for that. He's 12. All propers be unto Austin.

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