Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/29/11

  • "Fuckery" Normally I reserve the 'fuckery' tag for stuff I can find humor in. Not this time, though. I spent a good 40 minutes at work today reading this amazing Rolling Stone story on U.S. soldiers who routinely murder and mutilate Afghan civilians, and the ensuing cover-up. Pretty sick shit. You should read it yourself - or at least look at the pictures - but here go the Cliff Notes: U.S. ground forces, on several occasions, have murdered Afghan civilians for fun; they cut off body parts as souvenirs and hold up the corpses like hunting game. For the men in Bravo Company, they were only killing "savages". Damn, makes you wonder what they'd do to Black folks and Latinos back home if we didn't have all this surveillance.
  • "Katy Perry" On a brighter note, here go Katy Perry's titties. I've never heard her music, but I don't need to. She's a-okay in my book.
  • "Gandhi" One of the perfect human beings of the 20th Century, along with MLK and Mother Theresa, and Ronald Reagan. Some guy named Joseph Lelyveld is about to drop a Gandhi biography, and he's ruffled some feathers. While he led a non-violent resistance movement later in life that would change global history, early Mahatma Gandhi was apparently a "bisexual adulterer" who was disgusted with having to share a jail with Black Africans. Who says people can't change? Via HuffPost.
  • "Wendy's" There's one a couple blocks from the office, and it's a gamechanger. Dave's gift to mankind is killing the fast food game. Their new fries are better than McDonald's fries. Yeah I said it. Try 'em first and then argue with me. Lunch today was $3.24 for a small fry, spicy nuggets, and a double stack. Gonna make eating on $10 a day so much better.
  • "Rotimi" Ro dropped his project - The Resume - today. Hard workers are people I definitely respect, and Ro is no exception. Click the pic for the free download.

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