Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/30/11

  • "Predictions" Baseball season is upon us, and it's the best time of the year. The Final Four, the start of baseball, and the home stretch of the NBA regular season. Austin continues to impress me; some Statesman columnist has the White Sox winning the AL. What a coincidence. I have the Sox going 162-0.
  • "Barbecue" A+. That's my grade for Austin today. Besides the infinite wisdom of their sports reporters, there's free food. Not just any free food either. Free barbecue. While out trailing a cameraman at the Capitol, I stopped by a tent where a few friendly white women asked me if I'd like some brisket and baked beans. I'd left my Ed Lover "C'mon son" sign at the office, but my facial expression was enough. Any city where getting the Itis before 12 noon while on the job is accepted condoned is a city I can see myself living in.
  • "Cabrini-Green" The last of the Greens went down today. Payton was right down the street and I remember being a freshman and them just starting the relocation process. I haven't been over there in a few years, but whenever I do go back to visit it's gonna be weird not seeing them by Seward Park. Media are calling the demolition a "sad sight". Fuck that. Tearing down one of urban America's greatest failures - a symbol of racism, discriminatory housing, and borderline criminal neglect - is a wonderful thing. What the "sad sight" is, well that's the thousands or poor Black folks who've been herded around the Chicagoland area like unwanted cattle. Forced to leave their homes with only a few days' notice to make room for a god damn Target. That's the sad part.

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