Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/31/11

  • "Sequels"

    Here goes the extended trailed for The Hangover 2. It's due out in the summer, and I already know I'm gonna see it. The extended trailer didn't really have me cracking up though. Thoughts?
  • "Greatness" Some people use Lent as an opportunity to become more productive, healthier individuals. Some people see Lent as an opportunity to become legends. Iowan J. Wilson falls into the latter category. So awesome is J., that he doesn't even need a first name. He decided that, for Lent, he'd consume only water and beer. No food, just beer. I tip my hat to this truly great American. J., I respect you. Not enough to donate a kidney to you. Via ChiTrib.
  • "LeBron"

    Hate him all you want, LeBron is still a force of nature. I assume Wizards player Othyus Jeffers already has a rough life. Yeah, he's in the league. But his name is Othyus. LeBron rose on him with two hands last night and yammed on poor Othyus somethin' serious. Props TSS.
  • "Freedom" Further proving my theory about Google's evilness, the source of all the world's Internet enjoyment is cracking down on Android. The beauty of the Android OS was that it could be freely and virtually infinitely customizable. All those free apps that actually work don't just come from nothing. Google came down from the plantation house, though, and is about to dead all that. Soon, Massa will have to approve most if not all adaptations. Via HuffPost.
  • "Austin Carr"

    During the Cavs' win over Miami a couple days ago, Cleveland color(ed) commentator Austin Carr called Chris Bosh a "RuPaul lookalike". Very nice, sir. Props TBL.

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