Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Touched Down

Got into Austin last night. Don't start work till Monday, but there's a grip of stuff I have to do and get before then. Number one on that list is a router, b/c the Internet at my crib is as wishy-washy as Morty Schapiro.

So as I type this on the patio at the Starbucks on 15th and San Antonio St., I'll let Dom Kennedy tell you y'all what my mindstate is like.

I'm working a 40-hour work week from now till June, so I'll be doing more nighttime posting. If any full posts at all. I'll at least have some free music, or some stories to tell every once in a while.

Heard my first "YeeeeeHAW!" last night while I was in bed. Didn't get much sleep after that.

Shout out to Ro too, doin his thing.

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