Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/1/11 (None Of This Shit Is A Joke)

  • "Fuckery"

    Crazy ass clip from some Walmart in the South. I won't give the end away, but it's pretty intense. Dude lives, so don't feel bad. Five bucks says one of those chicks instigated the whole thing. Via TBL.
  • "Pinocchio" Whenever I have kids, I'm gonna make sure they go to school with dope ass school supplies like Pinocchio pencil sharpeners. And Song of the South folders. Props HypeBeast.
  • "Jacob Tucker"

    To quote my dean, this white boy has some serious Bugs Bunnies. I saw his highlight tape on TBL a few weeks ago, and unfortunately missed the NCAA Dunk Contest he won last night b/c I was sitting in the Texas House of Representatives gallery listening to people argue over whether to close nursing homes or cut HIV funding. I wish he'd made the 360-between-the-legs, but he still did his thing. He's only 5'10". I shoulda done more calf raises in high school.
  • "Yelawolf"

    He was at one of my favorite venues in the city last night - Reggie's Rock Club - and, by all accounts, Catfish Billy killed his set. Even brought out Travis Barker for "Pop The Trunk" to wrap everything up. Sooner or later, I'm gonna catch a Yelawolf show. Mayfest should book him for Día de los Dillo. I would definitely fly back for that. Props Ruby Hornet.


miss *kris said...

dag. that Walmart video was a mess! but it was kinda funny... only because the dude lived.

DSD said...

I'd still probably have laughed if he died. I would just feel badly about laughing.