Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/18/11

  • "Playoff Time" I'm an unapologetic basketball addict. I don't give a damn if it's a high school game, a D-League game, or the NBA Finals. If there's basketball on TV or in a nearby arena, I'm there. I remember playing NBA Live 98 on the O.G. PlayStation - the one with Tim Hardaway on the front - and playing a season with the fantasy draft on. I just had to pick first so I could get Mike Roster Player, though. It's that bad. All that said, this is my favorite time of the year. The NBA Playoffs are a marathon. Nearly two months. For me, it's the most enjoyable marathon I could ever start. Four games a night of the highest level basketball on the planet. Very few things would pry me away from that. *Aside* You can enjoy college basketball more. But if you say that the NCAA's product is superior to the NBA's, kill yourself.
  • "The Wild Hare" It's closing. Been a couple times and I won't speak to some of the foolishness that went on there, but it's always a bad thing when a venue for Black music shuts its doors. Via ChiTrib.
  • "Fuckery" My city is always good for some quality fuckery. This doesn't top the Imma-take-hostages-at-Taco-Bell-cuz-they-raised-prices story from a few weeks ago, but, then again, can anything. West Sider (must...resist...West Side...jokes...) Mike Tucker ran up to the drive-thru window at the Burger King on Chicago Ave. and Kedzie, and threw a Molotov cocktail inside. Nobody knows why, but I'd imagine it's because he was fed up with decades of shitty fries and chicken. Or he was high as a kite and thought The King was in there. If it was the latter, I can't blame him for taking the initiative. Props HuffPost.
  • "Converse" I've never owned a pair, but if I can find these fresh low-tops for anywhere under $70 that'll change real quick. Can't up more than that for some Chucks. I can get two pairs of Vans for that. Via Cool Material.
  • "Based God" Everybody and their baby's momma's momma...sorry...has given their opinion on Lil' B announcing that his next album will be called I Am Gay. Two dominant trains of thought: either "I knew that nigga was gay" or "Oh god damn Based God, you're a genius Based God". I'm caught somewhere in between. B lost me with this album title. I can't get with it. Not because he's calling it I Am Gay, but because he's doing it just for publicity. He can go on with all that "words don't mean shit" garbage. This may be based-phemy, but I don't think B is that smart. His music doesn't give him the benefit of the doubt, and neither does a suspect wardrobe. It's insulting for him to do this and try to pass off mild retardation as progressive artistic experimentation. All that said, Based God is a marketing genius, and this Gay album will go platinum plus if/when it drops.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dallas, it's Jorge from Payton. As for Based God, aka Lil B, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if only because he's gotten to where he is by doing what he does.

My stance on Lil B is his music's meant to polarize his audience because the saying goes that it's better to be talked about than to not be talked about. I'll admit, when I first heard him, I was laughing my ass off and couldn't take him seriously, but then I found out that I dig his non-traditional movement. If Jay Elect and Just Blaze take Brandon McCartney seriously, then I think the Master Chef's gonna be cookin' for a while. I understand, though, that like Nas couldn't always hit home-runs on beat selection, that Biggie didn't exactly have the positive flow, etc., we can criticize every artist for doing or not doing something. But the very fact we're talking about his album title means he's doing something that's got us talking about him. Don't really LIKE the title, myself, but hey, "let that boy cook" (I remember that you posted up something about that line before on here and how you said we needed new slang terminology lol...)