Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/22/11

  • "Curren$y" It's amazing what boredom spawns sometimes. Today at work I was surfing the innernets in between shooting assignments and learned that Spitta has a show in Austin tonight. I immediately dropped the $20 and started daydreaming about the plane I had to roll when I got home. If you haven't gotten his Alchemist-produced Covert Coup yet, step your music life game up.
  • "Fuckery" Quick, what's the first thing you'd do if you committed a murder and got away with it? Leave the country? Change your name? Write a book about it? I guarantee that, of all y'all reading this, nobody answered: "Tattoo the crime scene on my chest." If he wasn't currently in prison, Anthony Garcia would have. Dumb ass Anthony killed a man in 2004, and thought it'd be the hardest shit ever to ink a recreation of his 1-8-7 on his chest. To tell his grandchildren about when they got old enough I guess. Darwin continues to be proven right. Via ChiTrib.
  • "Branding" Apple, Nike, and actually pretty much every big-time corporation thrive off of their ability to get us to pay 10+ times what their products are actually worth. We buy the idea of iPods and Jordans more than we do the actual item. Beats By Dre headphones are one of the worst offenders. I've listened to music on them, and it's nice. The reason they cost $300 isn't because of the sound quality, though. That price tag reflects the attention we think we'll get when we walk the streets with a giant "b" on each ear. All that said, the shiny headphones pictured above are limited edition Chrome Beats. Only 50 will be sold. So go ahead and blow two months' rent on 'em. Via TSS.
  • "Privilege" White privilege is a touchy subject. The few times I've brought it up in mixed company, I've gotten the "Dude, there are Black people at Northwestern. How do you explain that?" answer, or something similar. With my mind exhausted from searching for any trace of logic in what my ears just heard, I usually just sigh and keep it moving. Concrete examples seem to work better, so here goes one. This 2011-edition Leave It To Beaver is Matthew Nellessen. I don't know him, but one look at this picture tells me that he isn't to be trusted. Probably because the picture is a mugshot, but bare with me. A month ago, Matthew found himself in front of a judge because of a probation violation. Matt was facing 4 to 15 years in prison, but the judge decided to "give him a second chance". Matt used his new lease on life to murder his own fucking father, right after forcing him to sign a $100,000 check. Now I know it's unfair to blame to judge, because he's not psychic. But Matt is a bad kid. Straight up. That probation he violated? He got that for felony residential burglary, another gift given to him by some judge. Find me some Black and Latino young people who get that kind of treatment and I'll take back every word I just said.
  • "Lawns" I'm off my soapbox now. Caught this cool lawnmower kit over at Cool Material. Let's you but those baseball field stripes on your grass. I could charge double what I normally charge to cut grass with this thing.

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