Monday, April 25, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/25/11

  • "Kindness" I had an amazing Easter Sunday. There were four NBA games on yesterday, so that alone would make the day at least okay. But I had an amazing day. Entirely because of the Harris family. None of you - except for Eryn - know who they are, but I don't care. Literally from the time I arrived in Austin, the Harrises have treated me like a member of their family. I went to church with them in the morning, and then they took me back to their home where Mrs. Harris made a meal for eight (there were only four of us) and me and Mr. Harris drank beers and watched the Heat choke away a lead.
  • "Church" Like I said, I went to church yesterday. First time I've been to a service that didn't have a casket in almost three years. The few times I've sat through church, I get a weird feeling. Thank god I wasn't in a Catholic church. I'm speaking strictly about Christian churches here. I dig the big-picture messages; compassion, love, and humility are all things we should strive toward. But, at least for me, seeing a Black preacher deliver their sermon and hearing everybody singing hymns reminds me too much of slavery. It's hard for me to get over that. Every Sunday, we regurgitate the rhetoric, mythology, and rituals that were forced into our ancestors' slavery orientation packets. I'm not saying that Africans wouldn't be Christians if not for the slave trade; if there ever was an unstoppable force among us, missionaries would be it. All I'm stating is a fact: Most Black folks in America believe that Jesus is the resurrected Son of God because a slave master told their ancestors that they had to believe so. That, or die. Easy choice. We've taken that antebellum Christianity and put some flavor in it, but that doesn't change where it came from. I don't really know what I'm trying to argue, or if I'm even arguing anything at all. Just putting something out there that I genuinely, honestly feel.
  • "CP3"

    Dude is hoopin' his ass off. Really hoping the Hornets he knocks the Lakers out. I picked Oklahoma City to come outta the West. Via TBL.


Anonymous said...

Dallas, it's CByrd. I totally understand your position and statement. This past year, I've been questioning a lot of things. I've actually been looking heavily into Judaism (going to shabbats, participating in Passover Seders, speaking with Rabbis) but I'm not converting just yet. But I looked at Christianity in the same way that you have. For most people, it's all that they know all that they were ever told. Me personally, I can't just except something because someone has said it. I have to truly believe it in my heart, and I believe that is something that takes searching. Just wanted to drop in my 2 cents, great post.

Dallas Wright said...

Word I appreciate it man. Glad you felt strongly enough to leave a comment.

It's an interesting conversation to have. I wasn't raised in a religious household, and that's what I mostly credit my thoughts on spirituality to. Religions have a lot of good to go with the not-so-good, and that's dope that you're exploring faiths. You gonna be home for summer?