Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/5/11

  • "UConn" I contemplated betting money on the Huskies twice in the past week: once during the Elite 8 on them to win the title, and then over the weekend on them beating the gimme 3.5-point spread. I coulda won twice. I'm not a fan of UConn, nor am I a Butler guy. Kemba Walker x Jeremy Lamb x Shabazz Napier are a fun backcourt to watch though, and that's all it took for me. So, sorry Max, but I'm happy with what happened last night. The second half bordered on comedy; I've never seen a team play as bad for as long as Butler played last night. 18% from the field is unreal at any level above 3rd-park district basketball. In the chip, man, I feel for Brad Stevens. Actually, no I don't. He's got a pretty good life. UConn should be Top 10 again next year with the whole frontcourt returning, as well as Napier and (fingers crossed) Lamb.
  • "SXSW"

    Chicago and the music Chicago claims were thick down at SXSW. Still mad I missed out. See if you can catch the Chet Haze sighting. Via Andrew.
  • "Little Caesars" I like to believe that I'm a man of principles, however few those may be. One of those has been to avoid Little Caesars pizza at all costs. There's one a mile from my crib in Chicago, and I've never in 21 years of life set foot in the establishment. A ready-when-you-get-there slice of pizza is fine, but not a whole pie. I thought I was soundly set in my ways, but in about an hour I'll be on the IKEA couch in this apartment eating a $4 Hot-N-Ready cheese pizza and watching the Bulls blow the Suns out. I've learned a lot about myself out here.
  • "Haste" I wish him the best of luck, but I don't get this. He's a freshman. His minutes - and numbers - were only gonna increase next year, but Jereme Richmond just declared for the draft. There probably will be a lockout next year, so he may get bailed out. If you've been to U of I, you'll know why he should stay.


sam said...

chet haze @ 0:41-0:42?

D Wright said...

nah at like 1:36 tho