Friday, May 13, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/13/11

  • "Anticipation" I can't wait till Sunday night. This Bulls-Heat series is going to end up being the NBA Finals; I fully expect the winner to take home the chip. I have no problem admitting that Miami is playing the best basketball in the East right now. I'll stop there with the praise, though. Scary as a team that beat the Celtics in five with only three players is, I don't know how a rational, sober person can say that the Heat are better than a team they've yet to beat this year. I'm more worried about the refs than I am LeBron and Wade; I had nightmares last night about all the superstar foul calls they'll be getting. The series is simple. If Miami's allegedly big three give them 80+ points a night like they did to Boston, they win. Period. There's nobody in the league that can compete when they do that. You don't need a bench when that happens. The key for the Bulls will be making sure Bosh averages no more than 15 points, and the Bench Mob dominating the scrubs on Miami's bench. They've proven they can do that already. Bulls in six. *Aside* If you root for the Heat, I automatically associate you with this guy.
  • "Free Music" If you're a hip-hop junkie, web surfing is one of the most unintentionally exhausting activities of the day. Checking up on sites like Fake Shore Drive and 2DopeBoyz give me a gang of artists I've never heard of before to sample. I go through probably three projects a day from guys that, before then, I'd never listened to. I just love the craft. Gerald Walker is one of those new discoveries. He needs to stop doing a Drake impression, but the record is still nice. Hit the pic for your copy of his latest EP On Your Side. Go ILL stand up. Via 2DBz.
  • "Office Jobs" I actually like where I'm working right now. Good people, good atmosphere, and it's not Evanston. I hate being stuck in there for an entire day, though. I normally help photographers with their shoots, but I've been posted in a cubicle for the past couple days doing election return data. Terrible, especially considering how shitty sitting down for hours on end is for your body. I couldn't do it for a living. *Aside* I type these standing up. Seriously.
  • "Accountability" It's a nice novelty having a Black man living in White men's House. Barack has done tried to do a lot of good things. At the end of the day though, he's a big-time politician. Black people - all people of color, really - have been getting abused, overlooked, sacrificed, and exploited by big-time politicians throughout this country's existence. Barack is no different. Not saying he sits on Air Force thinking to himself "how can I screw Black people on this one?" We need to hold Barack as accountable for the negativity he presides over as much as we worship him for the positivity he represents. Black unemployment is 16% in America. Twice that of White unemployment and 50% higher than the national average. While national unemployment levels recovered slightly, Black unemployment got worse. How bad does it have to be? The Chairman of the Congressional Black Congress turned Mushmouth when somebody asked him why the Obama hasn't address Black unemployment specifically. Should've kept it 100 and taken the President to task for ignoring a voting bloc that supported him almost unanimously in '08.


Anonymous said...

It took the Bulls 5 to beat the Pacers, and 6 to beat Atlanta. You're really going to say 6 to beat Miami? You must be joking . . .

D Wright said...

1.) By that logic, you want me to say Bulls in 7 then?

2.) I'm a Bulls fan.

3.) Wanna put some money up?