Friday, May 20, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/20/11

  • "OKC"

    Watched the game with some friends last night. Man the Thunder are a deep squad. As you can see above, James Harden is a monster. Absolute beast, and he has been since he was killing the comp at Arizona State. I literally laughed out loud after this play. And then there was the Durant "dunk". Gonna be an entertaining series, especially since I can watch it without being in superfan mode.
  • "Fuckery" A teenager in D.C. died last fall after downing two Four Lokos at a concert, getting kicked out, and then running into the street (where cars drive) after his mom yelled at him for being such a fuck up. Now his parents are suing the makers of the devil drink for being "careless and negligent". Now I'm at least five years from bringing a child into the world, but I feel the need to judge. Four Loko is probably the last party that should be held liable here. How about you raise a child that's not retarded enough to sit down in the middle of the street at night? I'll admit Four Loko's suck; I almost yacked up my whole intestinal tract after drinking one and a half of em. But I managed not to get hit by any vehicles. You have to be on PCP to run out in the street like that. Friday proved that. The kid bought the drinks, the kid drank two of them, the kid threw a bitch fit at his mom and ran into the street. That's either natural selection at work or years of bad parenting coming to a head. Or both. Via ChiTrib.
  • "Gwyneth Paltrow"

    This has been making the interweb rounds today and I guess it's pretty cool. Never would expect Gwyneth Paltrow to spit some bars from "Straight Outta Compton". Let alone on TV. But I'm as excited about this as I would be any other chick knowing NWA's biggest song. White people like rap too. When she spits some Ras Kass or something, then call me. *Aside* What really woulda been interesting is if she said "nigga".
  • "The Rapture" It's been real y'all. I don't know what you have planned for your last night on Earth, but I got my itinerary set. Gonna call my parents and tell them I love them and thank them for everything they've done for me. Then some have drunk, unprotected sex with a woman I've never met. (If you believe that, I've got a busy street for you to go sit down in.)

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