Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/23/11

  • "Rihanna" Insert here. Props TSS.
  • "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang"

    Here goes the trailer for the visuals off my favorite track on Rae's latest album. Via 2DBz.
  • "Bullets" They can be cuff links too. Cop on Etsy.
  • "Monte Carlos" I was at the tattoo studio getting touched up on Saturday, and when I walked out I was confronted with this. A lady in her 40s was in it - driver's seat, not shotgun - on the phone. '85 Monte Carlo in unbelievable original condition; only modification was a t-top she'd installed. I had to ask her about it and she said she owns six cars, four of them box frames. Wife material. Fuck a Lexus, fuck a Benz. This is all I need.


Anonymous said...

unless it's Texas Lexus

Dallas Wright said...