Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/31/11

  • "Police" Somebody got caught slippin in Evanston over the weekend. I actually didn't get the security alert email - I have Gmail label them as spam because, well, I don't worry about my security in Evanston. At least not from the people the alerts typically describe. I had a conversation at work with some of my less-chocolate peers about the alert, which is nothing new. NU is good for at least 8-10 a year. The POVs they shared with me were similar to the anonymous comments on Daily articles when us sensitive black folks complain about the alerts: "Well, if the offender was black, that helps the description," or "If the criminal was white, they should say that too." Listen, if the police put out an APB on a white male, 5'7"-5'9" wearing a baseball cap, that's like 40% of the school. Easy. White folks should be mad about that, except for the fact that there's no way NU and EVPD are going to look at thousands of guys as potential threats. Too many. But when it's a black man of the same height in a fitted, that's like 30 of us. That's some easy police work; they won't ever admit it, but, if you put an alert out for a type of individual and you then see someone who fits the description, you subconsciously associate that person with criminality. That creates the type of environment where a guy smoking a joint in his own apartment with some friends gets a knock on his door by cops thinking he's a drug dealer, or where you get your WildCard scanned for authenticity while guarding The Rock at night. These are not good things.
  • "Fuckery"

    Carlos Boozer in the studio. I actually hate the engineer/dick rider more than I do Boozer in the booth. He wanted Twista on the track to get that "South Side Chicago flavor".......forget it. Via Andrew.
  • "Summer" Despite the bitching on Twitter whenever it's less than 70 degrees and there are more than 3 clouds in the sky, it's summertime in Chicago. That means violence. 21 people got shot over the holiday weekend. Most of them young people. That body count included 22-year-old Aeyanuna Rogers, a recent NIU grad. She caught a stray bullet at 57th Street Beach and is in critical condition. Instead of saying you hate Chicago because of the weather, let's make #stopkillinginchicago a trending topic instead.

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