Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/4/11

  • "Derrick Rose"

    What else would lead off? Congrats to the youngest in charge for taking home the MVP. A ring would be better though, and I'm sure Derrick would agree. I'm still a little in shock over all this. Not because I didn't think he'd win, but because I remember hearing about Derrick "Pooh" Rose in middle school when he played at Beasley. I remember him having to play JV at Simeon his freshman year because his coach didn't play freshman on varsity - even Derrick Rose. I remember being at the UC for the 2007 CPS title game when he put some poor Washington High player on a poster immediately after throwing a full windmill down. I don't ever remember expecting him to be the best PG on Earth by age 22. Just a testament to the unbelievable amount of hard work this man has put into his game. Imagine what he'll be in 5 years.
  • "Love"

    Ladies, please observe. Not only does this chick go to a futbol game with her man, she lets him cop a feel without hesitation. Props TBL.
  • "Sex" In case you haven't gotten the memo yet, it feels really good. In case you have gotten that memo and choose to let your territories remain uncharted, you could die young, stressed, poorly rested and with a bad heart. Science says so. For real. Sex burns about five calories a minute, depending on your stroke speed. So, ladies, when a guy asks you to swallow, it's because he cares. It's like the 3rd-level Gatorade. We just want to help you recover from your workout. Via WSJ.
  • "Police"

    This guy bucking at Wisconsin police did die. Painfully. So if that bothers you, go ahead and move on to the next one. I'm posting this not only because stuff like this rarely gets released, but to remind everybody that, as much as you may hate the cops, they outgun you 10-1. And that's kind of the point. They are essentially a government-funded militia. So unless you want to die, keep your bullets to yourself.
  • "Augie Garrido"

    He's a baseball legend. He coaches the University of Texas baseball team and, from the looks of this video, he does so very well. I've had a couple coaches (in various sports) like this. One was a biddy basketball coach, imagine that. If you played competitive sports though, you understand. I kind of like coaches like this. They care almost too much, but that rubs off on you. You pay closer attention to detail because if you don't, you'll get shredded. This is probably the tamest of the stuff Augie's old ass has said on camera. These two soundbites show you how good of a coach he is: "This isn't about some God damn game, this is about our lives!" and "I apologize, because from what you all played like, I've totally let you down." Props TBL.

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