Monday, May 9, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/9/11

  • "Arms" The Rajon Rondo dislocated elbow wasn't as nasty as Shaun Livingston's knee collapse (YouTube it if you dare), but it was still turn-away material. I saw it live, and that's the last time I'll ever need to see the video. Not sure what IV painkiller they hit him with in the locker room, but much respect to the dude for sacking up and coming back into the game.
  • "Boredom" I'm not kickin' it as hard as I expected I'd be in Austin. I work pretty much 9-6 every day, and by the time I get home I have just enough time to make some food, get a run in, and get ready to do it all over again. Having the discipline to stay home gives me a chance to experiment in the kitchen, though. It's kinda fun. Last night I turned one big pan, some pasta, frozen vegetables, Poblano peppers, cilantro, $1.09 sauce from HEB, and my roommate's liquor into vermicelli with brandy cream sauce.
  • "Fuckery" A list of the most valuable brands in the world came out today. Marlboro is #8. Before I continue, I must admit that I'm slightly biased. Cigarettes killed my grandmother. That said, what the fuck. How does a brand of something with a warning from the goddamn Surgeon General become valued at over $65 billion? A company that literally mass-produces poison is a top-10 brand. On Earth. Again, what the fuck. What planet is this? The type of alien land that locks people up for life for selling and smoking a nonlethal herb? Wait, oh...
  • "Groupon" They've partnered with Live Nation and are going to start testing the discount concert tickets market. Really was only a matter of time. Win-win for everybody. I'll wait on the "Buy $100 Tickets, Get Groupie Threesome Free" Groupon myself.
  • "TERRIBLE Theta"

    Shoutout my neos and my pros for putting on a show last night at Greekscene. Everybody loves the NUPEs. Judges included. I've yet to see any videos from the event, save for the skits. If anybody wants to help the kid out, feel free.

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