Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/3/11

  • "Basketball" These have been the most exciting NBA playoffs since at least 2001. Unbelievable basketball. Y'all already how much I enjoyed the Heat choke job last night, but it wasn't all just Miami gagging. The Mavericks were hoopin during those last six minutes. Chris Bosh is fruity like Odwalla and LeBron did his best Derrick Rose-disappearing act in the second half last night. Just a joy to watch.
  • "Byron Carter, Jr." Don't know him. Never met him. That said, I attended his funeral today. Real sad situation. Byron, 20, was killed by Austin PD after being suspected of casing cars with a teenage friend. Eventually, a car with Byron in it charged at the cops and pinned an officer, who then shot and killed Byron. The last four funerals I've been to have all been people under the age of 25. It's an awful thing to see. Unnatural. RIP.
  • "Wiz"

    As much as I dislike the route his music has taken over the past year, I still give Wiz a shot when his material pops up on the innernets. Just seems like a fun dude to kick it with. Doesn't really care about what people have to say about him. I wouldn't either if I could roll up 10-gram joints whenever I pleased. I still miss the Star Power/Flight School days, though.
  • "BBQs" I'm going to a family barbecue of one of my coworkers tomorrow; his daughter graduated from high school today. No, I'm not gonna try her. One of the best parts about nice weather is that it gives us an excuse to go outside, drink a lot of alcohol, listen to rap, and cook a bunch of meat on an open flame. Sounds simple, but there are still rules. Here's an etiquette list if you're a little self-conscious. If I may, I'll add one more to the list. Under no circumstances should wine, wine coolers, moscato, Alize, Hypnotiq, or any other choice beverage of high school cheerleading squads be present at a barbecue. Hot links and liquid estrogen do not mix. Automatic expulsion.
  • "TDE"

    New track from Kendrick Lamar. It took me a couple listens but I kinda dig it. "Sex With Society".

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