Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/7/11

  • "Heat" I'm pretty sure it's hot everywhere in the U.S. today. It was a nice 101 in Austin, and a near-record 97 degrees back home. Just want to take this opportunity to tell everybody who hates on my city's weather to remove their shoes and find a rock to kick. It's Earth and seasons happen.
  • "Police" That last tidbit was pretty hostile. I've just seen a lot of shit that upset me today. Like the story of Englewood's Flint Farmer. Dude was a scumbag no doubt; CPD arrived on the scene early this morning to find him beating his lady down. Flint did what a lot of criminals caught in the act do, and dipped. I'll leave the rest for the police report to explain: "the officers identified themselves and ordered him to stop...Farmer then turned toward an officer, pulled an object from his pocket, which the officer believed to be a handgun, and aggressively came at the officer." A few gunshots later, Farmer was dead. The object he was pulling from his pocket? A cell phone. Now I know many of you just tuned me out. Flint was a woman beater and "moved aggressively" toward police with an object in his hand. He was asking for it. And I'm asking for the short bus to take you dumbasses to class from now on. In the heat of the moment, at night, I understand that police work is difficult. But you don't shoot to kill. You just don't. Maybe Farmer kept moving towards police b/c he was trying to tell them that all he had on him was a fuckin' Sidekick 4G. Only those cops and Flint know, and Flint isn't telling his side of the story anytime soon. Whether you like it or not, cops are held to a higher standard than "ordinary citizens". When cops mess up, like they did by killing a man with no weapon on him but his fists, they need to be held accountable. It probably was hard to see and they were in a tough spot, but if you don't want to be in tough spots then don't join the damn Chicago police force. Fuck CPD.
  • "Cruelty" This is the last of the rant, I swear. But today I saw one of the most disgusting acts I've ever seen. Including the R. Kelly sex tape. I was filming at Barton Springs Park in Austin, and some guys pulled a 4-foot snake from the water. Smart move because kids that play in the water. What happened next pretty much ruined my day. Holding it by the tail, the guys decided the best course of action was to beat the snake to death against a tree for all to see. Even if I didn't see it, the sound alone was terrible enough. They were on the other side of the water, but a helpless few of us yelled some "fuck you"s at them. Didn't bring the snake back. Before I get on this soapbox, I'm going to admit my hypocrisy. I enjoy eating animals. A lot. After the snake murder, I had a lunch with some chicken that almost certainly had it's short, growth hormone-filled life violently ended in order to fill my belly and some CEOs pockets. I admit that. Every roach and spider that I see inside gets smashed. I'll give you that too. But seeing the level of cruelty I saw at Barton Springs was different. There was no point to it. Even if the snake was dangerous, all that needs to happen is to have it removed. People who kill chickens and cows because they can't find any other work, I empathize with them. I just don't understand how you can bash an animal against a tree until it's dead. Same way I don't understand dog and bullfighting, or hunting for sport. You've got to be sick, whether that's due to where/how you grew up or just some mental defect. Ok I'm done.
  • "Andre 3000"

    The only thing saving today from being completely FUBAR was my favorite rapper ever blessing the world with a new verse. Yes it's sandwiched between an abomination of a hook from Kanye West - if I hear anybody say "Swagu" in my presence, we're no longer friends - and cookie-cutter pop lyrics from Beyonce, but it's new 3 Stacks. That's all I care about. Via FSD.
  • "Hockey"

    This hit is from last night's Stanley Cup Final Game 3. You really need to see a game in person to understand how insane a sport hockey is. These dudes are flying. Unlike the snake, poor Nathan Horton survived. Concussed as shit, but alive. Aaron Rome got a 4-game suspension for the hit. Props TBL.

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