Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/9/11 (All-Fuckery Edition)

  • "Hip-Hop"

    Kamau sent me this video this morning, and I got my seven Katt Williams chuckles in. I only know her by the name CrippleWithSwag, but she's turned into a YouTube sensation with the new ladies' anthem: "Vagina Ain't Handicap". The first time I watched this I could barely get through it all. "Not only offer great sex, but the best spots in parking lots." If anybody can find the MP3 of this, I'll gladly pay.
  • "Alcohol"

    Check this dude in London's journey to wherever his drunk ass was going after he got kicked out of an awards ceremony. All captured on various security cameras. Also, please keep in mind that weed is still illegal while you're laughing.
  • "Rumors" I really do pity LeBron. As much as you can pity a multimillionaire, all-world athlete I guess. Even though they weren't true, the rumors about Delonte West smangin James' mom were funny. Mostly b/c Delonte West and LeBron's mom are both insane. This latest one though, promoted by piece of shit Stephen A. Smith, is worse. Some "insiders" are saying that Rashard Lewis beat up LeBron's baby mom's guts as recently as last week. If it actually happened, I guess it's good James never married ol' girl. If (and when) it's proven false, LeBron should hold another ESPN hour-long special telling everybody to kiss his black ass.
  • "Fans" This is a Mavs fan. Best face paint job ever.

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