Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/13/11

  • "Celebrations" Winning a championship in Miami also means that you get to celebrate that championship in Miami. Mark Cuban and his squad definitely cut zero corners at Club Liv. I've heard he personally dropped upwards of $250k. May I also point out, again, how weak of a city Miami is. Leaving before then game was over aside, how do you go party with the team that just ended your season?
  • "Home" Touched down last night, and it's been glorious ever since. Went to the grocery store and experienced something I haven't experienced in almost six months. Hit damn near every aisle and Mr. and Mrs. Wright picked up the tab. Plus I get to go ham on the grill tonight. If it wasn't Senior Week, I probably wouldn't go back to Evanston.
  • "Devin Hester"

    Top-anything lists are pretty stupid. They're just somebody's opinion after all, so you shouldn't really get too wrapped up in what got ranked where. Most times I won't even read anything that has "Top" in it. Since there won't be football until October, NFL Network polled the players to see what their Top 100 list was. Devin Hester was #32. This is awesome, mostly because you get a glimpse of how much differently the players view the game. For Hester to be that high (ahead of Urlacher and Lance Briggs), the players have to highly value how a guy impacts game plans. I co-sign because, well, it's just a list.
  • "Connecticut" Shout out to the little state for taking a big step in the right direction. They decriminalized marijuana possession last week. I apologize for these past few years of believing they should be mashed into one big state with Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and any other states up there that nobody really cares about.
  • "Baseball"

    This is one of the few things baseball has not screwed up. Manager tirades. It's like how hockey kinda said they would cut down on fights, even though they wouldn't because that's why some people even watch the sport at all. It was a wrap for me once this dude climbed the fence at 3:50. Via TBL.

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