Friday, July 22, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/22/11

  • "Steve James"

    Most of you, I hope, have seen Hoop Dreams. Or at least know what it is. That's Steve James' claim to fame. Until The Interrupters drops in Chicago on August 12th. Probably as some cruel, twisted joke, the movie is screening in New York and London before it ever hits The Go. Trailer via Kira.
  • "B-Boys" Red Bull at least makes an effort to acknowledge hip-hop culture and history. They've sponsored MC battles, DJ/producer battles, and now they've got a b-boying competition lined up. Red Bull's BC One qualifying round comes to Chicago on Saturday. Whoever wins could end up represented the nation at the BC One finals in Russia. As in the Russia. Like where Ivan Drago was built. Aragon Ballroom, 8 pm, 18+, $10 tickets. Props FSD.
  • "Summer Leagues"

    The NBA probably will miss games this season. To cope, here's Nick Young doing something very few humans can do.
  • "Watch The Throne"

    The latest addition to the ever-so-calculated Hov x Kanye promotion comes in documentary form today. Props 2DBz.
  • "Luck"

    I don't know who Chad Reed is. Nor do I know why people ride dirt bikes over giant hills. I do know that dude is lucky as shit he was able to stand up after this 35-foot tumble. Let alone finish the race.

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