Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/27/11

  • "Chicago Reader" Much love to the Reader, one of my favorite (and free) publications, for their report on the racist-ass drug arrest policies of the Chicago Police Department. It's not really a shocker, though. I'd bet the national trend is essentially the same. Some of the gruesome facts: the ratio of black to white arrests for marijuana possession in Chicago is 15 to 1, 86% of people found guilty of possession in Chicago are black men, the average street value of the confiscated amounts in these cases was $55. Cats are going to jail over $55. You can't even buy a video game with $55. It's a war goin' on outside. Read the full report here.
  • "Jeezy"

    Speaking of black men and drugs, Thug Motivation 101 is six years old now. That's crazy. I remember buying - as in walking into Circuit City at Evergreen Plaza and leaving with a physical disc - the album as a freshman in high school. Everybody was ad-libbing everything. I had a Snowman t-shirt, sagging jeans, the whole deal. And then went home to my optometrist father and degree-holding momma. Youth. Via 2DBz.
  • "Terrible Calls" The Pirates and Braves played 19 innings of baseball last night/this morning. Great game. At least it would've been if not for possibly the worst call ever. The picture above is of the Braves scoring the winning run. At least that's what the ump said. As you, me and Stevie can see, dude was out. This ump should get his check docked, and I can say that b/c it's his job and he failed in every sense of the word. If a truck driver goes to the wrong city, trust that he wouldn't get a pass "because he was so tired".

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