Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/31/11

  • "Beer Pong" I knew this World Series of Beer Pong existed, but I didn't know it was such a huge deal. The 2012 edition will have a grand prize of $50,000. And Morgan Spurlock produced a documentary about it. It airs on, of course, SpikeTV Thursday night at 10pm CST. I just might watch it. Unless anybody in Evanston can think of a better way to spend a night in this black hole.Via TBL.

  • "T.I."
Tip got outta prison today. Seeing as he's gone to jail twice for considerable amounts of time (more than a weekend) in the past three years, I don't have much faith in him not screwing up again. Hopefully his VH1 reality show keeps him away from guns. Probably not though, because every time I watch that channel it makes me want to shoot something.

  • "Fuckery"

      If a stranger approached you in a parking lot and told you that he had an iPad for sale for $300, what would you say? "Let me see that shit.", I hope. What if said stranger never, at any point during this black market transaction, showed you the iPad? That come up is sounding a little less attractive now. What if you told the entrepreneurial gentleman that all you had was $180, and he eagerly accepted? Well not only would that make you one severely robbed individual, it'd make you poor little Ashley McDowell. She got taken for all her dough, and all she got was that nicely painted piece of wood above. Sucks for her. Guess her parents should've raised a smarter child. Via HuffPost.
  • "Hate"
      Terrelle Pryor has got to be the most hated man in the NFL. Nothing positive gets written about this dude. He got a 7 on the Wonderlic Test reportedly, and it's all over the web like it means something. It's a test. Football is not an exam. He's done pretty well for himself up to this point with that tiny Negro brain of his. I think that if you drive more cars than you get points on a dumb ass test, you're just fine. Props Deadspin

    • "Pam Grier"

  • Just because.


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    Pam's my girl.

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    Oh yeah. Unbelievably fine.