Monday, August 8, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/8/11

  • "Hype" Watch The Throne dropped at midnight, and apparently hip-hop will never be the same. I'm BSing, but I've read some pretty thrown off stuff on the 1s and 0s today about how the album is the greatest collaborative effort since Mike and Scottie. I streamed the album several times (you can do the same right here), and it's good. I think there are 12 tracks, and I skip four of 'em. That's like a C. And I know the album was doomed from the start; too much hype makes it just as cool to hate on something as it does to like it. I won't be paying for it though. I'll put it like that. Assorted thoughts: "Murder to Excellence" is by far the best track on the album and one of the best I've heard this year, Frank Ocean got plugged somethin' serious, and I wish Kanye West would actually come back to Chicago half as often as he shouts the city out on this album. Stream via TSS.
  • "Preemption" Real Madrid signed a seven-year-old "phenom". European and South American club soccer teams sign teenagers all the time, but Real is trippin'. When I was seven, I was tearing up the Bitty Basketball league at Ada Park. I guarantee half the kids I was better than then are dunking now. Props ChiTrib.
  • "GLC"

    He's an okay rapper, but the big homie GLC is a great personality. I got to meet him back when I was following Andrew around, and he's hilarious. Smart too. Here he is talking about gang culture in Chicago and its impact. Hope Rick Ross is listening. Via Andrew.
  • "Free Music" J. Cole said fuck a throne last night and dropped a few free tracks for the people. Any Given Sunday #2, hit the pic.

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