Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/13/11

  • "Miss Angola"
I have no idea what the perks of being Miss Universe are, but it brought a smile to my face this morning when I saw that the fine-as-wine representative from Angola took the crown. Her steez is definitely more Euro than Afro, but I take what I can get. Baby steps.

  • "Audi" 

This is the new 2012 Audi RS5. Serious vehicle right here: high-powered V8, crazy handling, Bang & Olufsen sound system. You'll probably see a 19-year-old driving one around Northwestern sometime this spring. Via Hypebeast.

  •  "Fuckery"
    The Tea Party Debate was last night. Unfortunately, I missed out on it. This clip pretty much sums it up though. The crowd wants to kill you if you don't pay for insurance. Don't get sick if these people win in 2012. Props HuffPost
  • "Houston"
The University of Houston Libraries scooped up the lion's share of the legendary DJ Screw's vinyl collection yesterday. It's being cataloged and they hope it will be ready for research use by 2013. UH is definitely cooler than NU.

  • "Rihanna"
Just because. Props TSS and Armani. 

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