Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/14/11

  • "Good Music"

Pill, at least to me, has really fallen off since signing with the fake Rick Ross and MMG. He let loose a verse over Scarface's classic "In Cold Blood" today though, and all has been forgiven. Props TSS.
  • "Fuckery" 

If you're famous, don't take naked pictures. I don't understand why that's so hard for famous people to understand. We're a celebrity (and naked picture) obsessed nation, so it's only natural for people to stop at nothing to get...celebrity naked pictures. Courtesy of the plague on Black people that is WorldStarHipHop, here's Scarlett Johansson's audition tape. She's not the cutest in the face, but she'd still get the biz. NSFW.

  • "Gibbs" 

Here's a new track from Gibbs called "187 Proof". The lyricism is still there, but the beat sounds like it was made on an old version of Fruity Loops during a halftime. Since he signed with Jeezy, Gibb's production has suffered. I hope that's a trend that stops soon. Via TSS.

  •  "One-Night Stands"
Some creep named Joe McGinnis, a reporter who moved next to Sarah Palin so he could "investigate" her, is writing a book. I'd hate on him, but he's claiming true the fact that, back in the late-80s, Palin satisfied her "fetish for Black men" by letting Michigan basketball legend Glen Rice smash. You couldn't make that up. Props TBL.

  • "Jay Electronica"

The illusive Mr. Electronica put out some music today. Sure it's rougher than Rosanne with no shaving cream, but it's new Jay Electronica. Could be another year before we hear from dude again. Via TSS, again.

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