Monday, October 3, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/3/11

  • "Clear Eyes"
Really really dope video for my favorite track from the Kids These Days collective. Directed, shot, and edited by Austin Vesely for Elephilms. Via Andrew.

  • "The Bears"
The defense got wrecked by the Cam Newton x Steve Smith connection, but a win is a win. This is why Marion Barber is a running back and not a gymnast. Although a standing backflip with pads on can't be easy. Shout out to all the Bears haters out there. #PayMattForte.

  • "Amanda Knox"
I had no idea who this chick was until Twitter blew up with the news of her overturned conviction. Beat a murder rap in a different country. Being white must be the shit. I kid, although y'all know Troy Davis is looking down from whomever's heaven he's in and shaking his head in disgust.
  • "Steve Cabellero"
This dude is like the Josh Gibson to Tony Hawk's Babe Ruth when it comes to skating. At least that's how I see it. The 47-year-old pioneer won the Tim Brauch Memorial skating competition recently, so check out an old man shredding shit up. Props HypeBeast.

  • "Jurnee Smollet"
Just because.

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