Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/6/11

  • "Robin Ventura" 

I'm still depressed about Ozzie Guillen's departure from the Sox, but there's definitely some buzz to brighten the South Side up today. The team announced former Gold Glove third baseman Robin Ventura as the new manager. He's never managed in the majors before, but neither had Ozzie and that turned out pretty well. Now if we can just get Adam Dunn a shrink and a personal hitting coach, we should be good.
  • "Freestyles" 

Many propers unto Complex and Andrew Barber for this list of the 50 best radio freestyles. I haven't even checked it out yet, but I know Drew has a steady dose of Juice on there. Via Complex.

  • "Secrets"

So apparently there's a "secret death panel" comprised of senior government officials that can call for people who disagree with the norm and actually act on it "militant" Americans to be...uh...eliminated. Obviously, that's all that's really known about it. I wanted to call bullshit at first, but then I realized that it's not really that outrageous of a concept. It actually existed in the 60s. Just ask Fred Hampton.

  • "Honda" 

This screenshot from The Avengers has got everybody fired up b/c that's Iron Man sitting in a new Honda NSX. The same NSX from the 90s that went so hard. I hope it actually comes back, and isn't just a lie like that stupid ass BMW commercial with the concept car. Via HypeBeast.
  • "Fuckery" 

Just go to the :50 mark and start feeling better about yourself.

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