Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/29/12

"The Dictator"

While I could go without the full frontal male nudity, Sasha Baron Cohen's work is always brilliant. His latest movie, The Dictator, drops this summer and it'll probably be the first movie of 2012 I didn't pirate. Peep the extended trailer above. Hilarious stuff.


Much love to Alianza, Af-Am Studies, Ari Palos, and everybody who helped with Tuesday's screening of Precious Knowledge at Harris Hall. An incredible event and an incredible film. Arizona is an insane place, but it's really reflective of the racism we all struggle against at the macro level. Students forbidden to learn about their ancestors. Stay awake to the ways of the world, the shit's deep y'all. I bought the film, and I'll loan it to any and everybody. Hit me on Facebook or leave a comment. Or watch for free on PBS in May.


Jose Calderon makes very, very poor ones. He had about 7 seconds to realize that Javale McGee is 1.) a whole foot taller than him and 2.) a former dunk contest participant. Get outta the paint bro.


I applaud Wisconsin for moving toward a recall election of Fuhrer Governor Scott Walker. The man has terrorized the state for 2 years too long. Kellyn hipped me to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) a couple weeks ago, and Walker is a major player in the organization. ALEC is the real Illuminati, by the way; their responsible for the privatization of our prisons, the escalation of the War on Drugs, and crazy laws like Stand Your Ground. All corporately funded. I hope Wisconsin can take their state back come election time. Via Chicago Tribune.


Tickets to the Spring Concert are on sale now. The angry darkies did a great job with the lineup (Jhene Aiko, Kids These Days, and Pac Div). A really cohesive vibe. April 7th. 6 pm. $5. Be there.

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