Friday, March 30, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/30/12

"Good Music"

Myriam put me on to The Dopplegangaz yesterday, and I owe her major. I've been bumping the duos self-produced Lone Sharks album for the past 24 hours. It's amazing how beautiful the boom-bap is; Lex Luger can miss me with his stuff. The album is on sale now for only $10. I'll be honest and admit that I haven't bought it yet, but that's a hard purchase to justify when you Comcast leaves you with only $40 left in your checking account.

"Mega Millions"

The Lottery has always kinda fascinated me, especially big jackpot games like Mega Millions. Just the collaboration between the state and the media, which are really just one in the same, to build a buzz and sell a dream; an (even more) bastardized American Dream. The jackpot, which draws tonight, is at about $640 million. So like $300-some million after taxes. What would you do with that money? I'd take the annual payout - I think it's like $18 million - and do some crazy shit. I'd rather tell you about it in person, since the streets is watchin. Pennsylvania Avenue to be specific.

"Kenneth Chamberlain"

The 68-year-old ex-Marine was shot to death this past November by NYPD after they responded to the medical alert system in Chamberlain's apartment accidentally set off in the man's sleep. They they took his front door off its hinges. Officers first shot him with a taser, then a beanbag shotgun, and then with live ammunition. Just thought y'all should know.


Here's a pretty cool collection of photos using mirror tricks. I'll probably bite this in the near future.

"Credit Cards"

I don't have one, and things like this don't make me eager to do business with the devil. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover have been breached. In other words, millions of people are fucked - more so, potentially, than their creditors were already fucking them. Personal information has been compromised - although how personal can info be when it's owned by a corporation? - and I'm sure you've received a warning email. If not, do your due diligence. I'd recommend switching over to Wu-Tang Financial. All your personal information is locked deep within the 36 Chambers.

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