Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/10/12

My favorite manager (despite him no longer coaching my favorite team), Ozzie Guillen, got handed another suspension today by the MLB. Not for something legitimate - like calling a reporter a "faggot" on TV - but for expressing his opinion, an opinion based solely in his cultural-historical understanding. I haven't read the interview, but the political police have been up in arms about his "pro-Castro" comments. Nobody is calling Castro a saint, but this is fucked up for so many reasons. First and foremost, the man can say he's down with Castro if he damn well pleases. He's an adult and a US citizen; in principle at least, because things like this make me doubt the recognition of his citizenship in practice. And then there's the unbelievably racist (Dallas! No!!! Why'd you say it??!) hypocrisy. Guillen is disciplined by white supremacy for praising a man of color who freed himself and his countrymen from a capitalism that oppressed and exploited at every turn, and it just so happened to come via violence. That's all it takes for some people to equate Castro with fucking Adolf Hitler. Bad Ozzie. Praise your new country's presidents and legislators, who preside over an empire that to this day, on every inch of this Earth, has murdered and enslaved in the name of "democracy" and in the pursuit of capital. You don't love Fidel Castro, you love Richard Nixon. The thing that hurts me most is the forced statement Ozzie had to give today. It sounds like Rush Limbaugh had a gun to his head at the press conference: "Everybody in the world hates Fidel Castro, including myself." Still slaves.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. Replacing me will be Stokely Carmichael, or Kwame Toure. Whichever you prefer. I uploaded a collection of the former SNCC and Panther leader's speeches. You won't agree with everything he says - hell, I don't - but it's food for thought. Also really eerily and sadly applicable to the world today. Hit the pic.

I'm sure you've heard the urban legend about how the government used to give people acid to make them give up secrets. Maybe not. Well, surprise surprise, it's actually true. Peep this story on how the CIA administered LSD to mad people in San Fran back in the day.

"Rekia Boyd"
There's a panel at Northwestern on April 18th at 7 pm discussing the implications of Rekia Boyd and many others' murders at the hand of law enforcement. Swift Room 107. Tell everybody everybody that you know.

"Nia Long"
Just because.

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