Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/19/12

"Jon Jones"

I hope Adam Jackson sees this. I've been trying to tell him that Rashad Evans has no shot against Jon Jones in Saturday's UFC 145. None. This one hitter quitter above was just while sparring.


I'm going to relapse this weekend with back-to-back holidays coming up. So in the spirit of law-breaking, let's take a look at Barack's latest Drug War score sheet. Otherwise known as the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report. The list of "violators" includes 115 nations; somehow, the United States was left off. Guess all that meth must be coming from Mexico too. Audacity indeed, President Obama. It's mind-blowing how arrogant our foreign drug policy is. The fact that we even have a foreign drug policy in the first place is outrageous. Who gave the US the right to be the global drug police? Richard Nixon? We literally have armed forces in countries the world over enforcing our drug laws. It's an embarrassment. Here's the kicker: "They (the INCSR) believe that the success of the war in Afghanistan is contingent upon the success in the war on drugs." In other words, we're never going to leave Afghanistan and stop murdering its people. Obama 2012, the lesser of two evils. Via Socialist Worker.


I often tell people how scared I am of any type of fame, including hood fame. There's really nothing good about it: it's tenuous and superficial, you're basically a hostage of paparazzi and the media, plus you can't ever truly speak your mind. Unless you'd like to be infamous I guess. Derrick Rose is a good example of this. His GQ feature from this month has him laying out pretty clearly how much he hates being the most famous face in his hometown. Dude can't even go buy groceries or see his old neighborhood. A rich hostage. Sad thing is that the success he craves will only make his life more miserable.


It's really just not fair how dominant he can be. This looks like he's hooping at the Y.


I know we're just kids, but Kellyn brought up a good point today at Willard as he shared news of the "Wi-Fi on the Lake" initiative. That's it? Our "dream of a networked lakefill"? Word? Realize that this also opens the door for NUPD to install surveillance cameras along the lake too. No wonder the initiative was such a success. As so-called elite students with almost two centuries of prestige and millions in blood money funding to work with, the big initiative is getting Wi-Fi at the lakefill. Maybe I'm unreasonable, but I expect much more from the Shao-led ASG in 2012-13.

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